Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

World Culture Hub and Turing Project by maikelkay

The whole evening (according to MET) has been filled with a considerable event in the German writer community at Kreativdorf: SL resident maikelkay aka Michael K. Iwoleit in RL has presented his recently built "World Culture Hub" and the sky building "The Turing Galaxy" to the public. The World Culture Hub is a project in progress and will present changing and permanent exhibitions and live events from different cultures all over the world. Even the architecture is related to specific cultural parts of the world and in the future there will be readings, music performances, art exhibitions related to these areas:
The entrance of the World Culture Hub has some introductive information and clearly arranged tp-pads.
The building representing African cultures looks like made from adobe and has already a corner with some musical instruments and information on African drums provided by an ethnomusicologist (Asmita Duranjaya).
A so called long-house represents Native American cultures.
A tiki-bamboo-house stands for the Pacific region.
Middle and South-American cultures can be explored here in the future.
The opposite part of the massive building shows Asian sections, starting with Near-East and India, presented by an Indian dancer and the musical instruments sitar and tabla.
The playable musical instrument guzhen and video-information can be found in the Chinese room.
Passing a zen-garden the visitors reach the last room in a typical Japanese style with a Geisha playing a koto and additional remarks about the koto and the shamisen. The sound can be switched on and off by clicking.
Between the two wings of the WCH is a club area with a small stage, a dance floor and comfortable chairs. It was opened by an ambient-concert of maikelkay himself, who is an active musician too. The room was also a suitable frame for the after-show party with DJane Miriam and her variety of attractive world culture tunes.

WCH-Club and DJane Miriam
The second huge event has been the presentation of the Turing-Galaxy-Project.
This sky building will become a center for research on cyber culture. 
Three exhibitions and two readings introduced this part of the program. The first exhibition showed pictures by SF-illustrator Christian Günther.
Well known SL artist Harter Fall presented some cyber-objects.
Marcus Hammerschmitt is not only a great SF-author but also a talented photographer.
The readings have been in German language, so I could not join them unfortunately, but I am sure, the quality was excellent like all what I have found. Yes, there were guests, but when I see sims with dubiously purposes crowded to overflowing, then I am asking why not more people could also find an attraction in visiting cultural events like this one, that maikelkay has accurately prepared with hours and hours of work.
At last: One building seems mysterious for me:

What could be the purpose of that? Maybe maikelkay will solve this puzzle soon.

Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Finally: Recent Space 4 Art SimBasis-Installations

The landlord-artists and the artists in residence at Space 4 Art are busy. They got a new neighbour-sim and until all is settled and set up, a lot of excitement and trouble had to be faced, starting from personal dramas to conceptual differences. Nevertheless is the new crew finally willing to work under the special concept and to try to reach a status of artistic synergy, helpful for recent and future projects. The finished art installations on the sim basis will be presented here:
Let's start with the traditional Space 4 Art sim. kjs has created a maze in his special style, dominated by color and light combined with flexible prims. The area looks like an exotic temple-complex and has the title "maybe a maze (i)ng":

Louly Loon is a master of floating sculptures light as a feather. Her environment with the title "Interlude", has a surreal atmosphere with overdimensional lotos-flowers, maybe an inspiration of her last trip to Sri Lanka.

ChapTer Kronfeld shows once more a provocating political statement concerning the treatment of the refugees coming from Africa and trying to enter Europe. The title of the expressive and accusing installation is "Empathy".

Asmita's installation LESBOS mitght be provocating for some too, because it shows overdimensional female bodies and hills consisting of huge boobs. It is a kind of ironical statement with regard to the Lola/Tango breasts sold in Second Life, depersonalising females according to male fantasies. Asmita's women have bodies and breasts but no head. 

Last not least Sisi Bidermann has doen the first final installation on the new sim basis with an impressive and atmospheric art-garden: .
Much more to come in the near future!

Samstag, 9. August 2014

NIGHTMARES by Asmita Duranjaya

A nightmarish blue is surrounding a terrain with 3 brains on a pile.
The brains are hurted by a knife and fluid is dropping out into a puddle.
The fluid can be drunk by the visitor, sitting on a pose-ball.
Nightmare enough, but there is more provocation to discover, when walking through Asmita Duranjaya's art-installation:
Knifes fall suddenly down and the visitor has to care, that his own brain is not concerned.
Nightmarish words show suddenly up and mysterious voices seem to have a fight.
Spider-like animals fall from the sky, horrifying the guest.
At last the visitor can be buried under over-dimensional breasts ...
swallowed by a monster ...
suffer from tiny spirits ...
attacked by a poisenous green snake ...
and at last sitting between 2 chairs (sitting at the fence) will not protect him
from nightmares attacking him.
All this has been shown in the wonderful Aakriti art center, created and hosted by Ranadeep
with the support of his beautiful friend Catt Gable
and is shown now at Space 4 Art (click the rezzer-pads).

Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014

ALWAYS by La Performance ...

... is a virtual dance show, presenting 10 music titles concerning the topic "ALWAYS". The dancers use an animation hud to perform live and synchronously with the music they hear. Fabulous costumes, colours and a technique as perfect as possible in virtual worlds mae this show a remarcable event in Second Life, that is mostly booked out. Here are some impressions:

Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014


The re-opening of the Space 4 Art sim-basis started with DRAGONFLY, a fusion-musician, who mixes industrial, ambient, folk and ethno-patterns and who couldn't have been a better kick-off for the sim party. Very fast the sim capacity had been exhausted and more than 40 avis danced and listened to DRAGONFLY's songs.

More than 40 avis dancing on the stage and sitting on the tentacles

DRAGONFLY - a cyber-musician with a red guitar

The landing-spot shows a Victorian time-machine and welcomes the visitor with a short-cut of Strauss' Zarathustra-theme, used in the movie Space Odyssee.
The time machine provides a basic story to which all 5 art installations refer:

Seen from above the landing spot guides the guest to the installations of the five sim artists Louly Loon, kjs Yip/Miara Lubitsch, ChapTer Kronfeld, Celestine Ghiardie and Asmita Duranjaya
The laser-arrows show the name and the direction - windlight: Canimod and Meridian Verde for the water.
Asmita's Tale

is a dystopic view of the year 3333. A broken highway leads the visitor to a dead end accompanied by the song "Tales of the Future", originally composed bythe Greek composer Vangelis for the soundtrack of the movie "Blade Runner" (singer is Demis Roussos).

At the dead end an erhu-player is sitting on a stone playing another song by clicking on the instrument. It is the main theme of the Canadian TV series Earth Final Conflict.

Celestine's Tale


Walk into the world of a future of a different past and
experience the V9-District.

If you follow orders from when you enter the gate
you might encounter a riddle here and there
that will lead you to a special gift.

A tiny piece of advice...better listen to the fat old man
instead of the polished teacher...

ChapTer's Tale

Das Märchen der Zukunft ist die heutige Realität.
Wir leben heute in der erdachten Zukunft unserer Vorfahren.
Wir leben in allen Märchen, die unsere Vorfahren geträumt haben.
Wir agieren in dieser Realität schlechthin.
Für uns gibt es keine Zukunft, da wir bereits in ihr leben.
Unsere heutige Realität ist unser Untergang.

kjs' Tale

kjs ...
eigentlich sollte man es kiss schreiben ....
nein, nicht was man jetzt denkt

_K_eep _I_t _S_imple, _S_tupid

Die Verbindung von SL ins reale Leben der Computergrafik ist gekappt, Texturen können nicht mehr transferiert werden. Die Kunst muss sich mit den Mitteln der virtuellen Welt begnügen ...

und siehe da: archaische Aufgaben der Architektur, wie das antike Labyrinth, werden mit den Mitteln, die nur die virtuelle Welt kennt, noch undurchdringlicher als jenes von Rhodos ...

und auch die alte Schnittstelle von darstellender Kunst und Architektur - die Glasmalerei - bekommt im Virtuellen eine neue Struktur; Farbe und Licht stellen sich neu dar ...

Viel Spaß beim Besuch ...

kjs Yip

Ach ja, das Freebie ist die erste Umsetzung des KISS von kjs, allerdings mit Texturen aus der realen Welt. Erstmals ausgestellt auf den Exhibitions zum 8. Geburtstag von SL ...

Louly's Tale

"What worries me, is the thought that the man is capable of becoming used to the worst living conditions. He can find it perfectly normal before one century has passed, to live prostrate in some bunkers, with masks, from the artificial air.. He will not know even any more that we lived differently.. What will remain then of the mankind?" Paul Emile Victor.
The actions are irreversible. Some day, we will know the effects. Once the action was committed, the cause of reaction remains and grows until its effect is experienced.

was reading his short story "Reconstructor" as a final highlight of the Re-Opening-Party. It has been translated by Michael K. Iwoleit.