Montag, 16. März 2015

Welcome at the Paradise of CyberPolis 15th of March 2015 at LEA 12

Bianca in the canalisation of CyberPolis
DJ Ginniji and his meeroo-tip-jar
Never forget your bike, when visiting foreign planets!
Frantz in flying-mood
JfR in the concrete desert of Sable's outer city
Mmh, what a gorgeous piece of cake!
Concentration at the landing spot

Nile Karas: a flower between flowers
Reinhold, smoking an opium-pipe
Sir Walter and Jie Loon at the landing spot
Sisi Biedermann and the skeleton of a cyber-whale
Solkide, neighbour-artist at LEA
Tara de Vries of the CyberMagazine Bright Metallic
In Sable's train trace
Victorn in Sable's underworld

How to open the gate?
Zewe, Lena and Kala at the landing point