Sonntag, 30. August 2020

The Final MindScape Artist: Sanjeewa Kumara

Sri lankan artist Sanjeewa Kumara completes the MindScape presentation on the art-sim interstellART with the title "Mental Figures". He is explaining his work as follows:
"Mental Figures have appeared in my brain during a long flight. He materialised them later with different media." 
For the MindScape-project they are shown as 3D-meshes and 2D-pictures in the temple-gallery, which Sanjeewa shares with his wife Sujeewa Kumari at interstellART => .
Born in 1971 in Colombo, Sanjeewa Kumara is visiting lecturer for visual art at Kelaniya University Sri Lanka. He holds a MFA from the Netherlands and had many solo and group exhibitions, inside and outside Sri Lanka.  In 2015 Sanjeewa Kumara was nominated and finalist for the prestigious 2014-2015 Sovereign Asian Art Prize. He explores and makes use of lush, sensual imagery, and how the collision between Western pop culture and the South Asian island’s post-colonial legacy impacted his imagination.

Thanks to all, who followed the exhibitions and installations of the MindScape project - this movie shows a summary of the whole =>.

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