Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016

Art in Rezzer-Pads

The PopUp-Art-Concept of Betty Tureaud on the joined LEA-sims 26-29 is a brilliant example of managing huger art installations without using permanent prims. It can insofar even seen as an ecological art project, because it simply saves energy. And it has the immersive value for visitors, that they themselves, while crossing the area can decide, which artwork they want to let popping up by stepping on one of the dots. Every dot hides one artwork from one artist and will be shown by "collision" in the SL-language. And a so called "die"-script makes the installation disappear again after a time, maybe after 10, 15 or 30 minutes. So more than 100 artists can be presented in one area, because temporary prims don't count for the land-impact. Since long time artist Asmita Duranjaya uses this rezzer-concept for her own artwork on her small land at Space 4 Art. It gives the possibility to preserve and present past installations and exhibitions for a longer time. And the artist has the option to change the environment and atmosphere of a plot just by click. One recommendable rezzer system is the Multi-Scene-Packager, which can be bought in marketplace: 
So art spots in SL can get rid of the box-concept, where art is presented in RL-like buildings of wannabe-gallerists, on walls or at least as RL-like sculptures in an RL-like nature. GOSH. SL and its concept has much more to offer than to imitate RL. After so many years of usage it should have been realized also by more than a handful of artists and their manqué counterparts, that there are specific tools in SL, which offer specific new options for creating and presenting art. Artists should protest against being again imprisoned in shoe boxes and should enjoy their freedom to create in open spaces and in unconventional ways. The LEA-sim concept could be used as a very good pioneer for that - but it is not meant for art in shoe-box-coffins.
Away from this discussion take a look on the interactive CyberMonstrance, the pop-up piece of Asmita purely made of fractal textures, with different windlight settings on Betty's exemplary project: .

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