Samstag, 17. September 2016

Fracticularium by artist Asmita Duranjaya on the Space 4 Art sim

Every Monday LEA-artist Asmita Duranjaya presents a 20-minutes show with so called fracticles (made of particle-scripts and fractal-textures) and has introduced the new term Fracticularium for her shows. The last two performances were enhanced by a solo-dancer with an expressive dance-choreography accompanied by ambient-music. Asmita chooses a certain topic, based on artistic criteria, like a special colour-palette or in reference to a unique windlight she has chosen. The artist explains, that her show could be an alternative or an addition to usual art-exhibitions as a kind of performing art, which focuses the mind of the onlooker for a brain-friendly time and has a specific touch of meditation too. For 20 minutes the visitors can dream of a cyber-world beyond their daily burdens.

All the details of the show are carefully chosen like the dresses of the dancer, the windlight-setting, the stage-background etc. to intensify the artistic perception.

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