Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Finally: Recent Space 4 Art SimBasis-Installations

The landlord-artists and the artists in residence at Space 4 Art are busy. They got a new neighbour-sim and until all is settled and set up, a lot of excitement and trouble had to be faced, starting from personal dramas to conceptual differences. Nevertheless is the new crew finally willing to work under the special concept and to try to reach a status of artistic synergy, helpful for recent and future projects. The finished art installations on the sim basis will be presented here:
Let's start with the traditional Space 4 Art sim. kjs has created a maze in his special style, dominated by color and light combined with flexible prims. The area looks like an exotic temple-complex and has the title "maybe a maze (i)ng":

Louly Loon is a master of floating sculptures light as a feather. Her environment with the title "Interlude", has a surreal atmosphere with overdimensional lotos-flowers, maybe an inspiration of her last trip to Sri Lanka.

ChapTer Kronfeld shows once more a provocating political statement concerning the treatment of the refugees coming from Africa and trying to enter Europe. The title of the expressive and accusing installation is "Empathy".

Asmita's installation LESBOS mitght be provocating for some too, because it shows overdimensional female bodies and hills consisting of huge boobs. It is a kind of ironical statement with regard to the Lola/Tango breasts sold in Second Life, depersonalising females according to male fantasies. Asmita's women have bodies and breasts but no head. 

Last not least Sisi Bidermann has doen the first final installation on the new sim basis with an impressive and atmospheric art-garden: .
Much more to come in the near future!

Samstag, 9. August 2014

NIGHTMARES by Asmita Duranjaya

A nightmarish blue is surrounding a terrain with 3 brains on a pile.
The brains are hurted by a knife and fluid is dropping out into a puddle.
The fluid can be drunk by the visitor, sitting on a pose-ball.
Nightmare enough, but there is more provocation to discover, when walking through Asmita Duranjaya's art-installation:
Knifes fall suddenly down and the visitor has to care, that his own brain is not concerned.
Nightmarish words show suddenly up and mysterious voices seem to have a fight.
Spider-like animals fall from the sky, horrifying the guest.
At last the visitor can be buried under over-dimensional breasts ...
swallowed by a monster ...
suffer from tiny spirits ...
attacked by a poisenous green snake ...
and at last sitting between 2 chairs (sitting at the fence) will not protect him
from nightmares attacking him.
All this has been shown in the wonderful Aakriti art center, created and hosted by Ranadeep
with the support of his beautiful friend Catt Gable
and is shown now at Space 4 Art (click the rezzer-pads).