Montag, 28. März 2016

Discoveries on LEA10

The Oracle is another tale in the cycle of stories around the exo-city CyberPolis. Presented in a hud-book, it is told from the perspective of researcher Lisa Sheldrake, whose report guides the visitors of the sim LEA10 through a game. 

6 letters and 7 gifts have to be claimed inside and outside of a central maze until the solution word is found and the door to the oracle in the middle of the sim can be opened. 

The frame idea is, that the astro-anthropologist tries to find out, whether humans have visited CyberPolis in former times and what influences they left on the planetary system. The discovery of strange monitor-bots all around the maze shows her the evidence of an early contact and a probably unwanted influence of the human visitors. The alien-species in this area, called FractAliens, saw the monitor-affininty of the guests erroneously assuming that the monitors were the heads and brains of them. 

A new bot-species was born and even the one and only Oracle consists of the body of an insect and the head of a TV. The Oracle is an AI(artificial intelligence) and able to answer questions in open chat.

The full-sim-installation can also be experienced without game or story, simply as an art-park with forests of stunning 3D-fractals and the maze can be seen as a subterranean art gallery with flat fractal-pictures. The color-scheme of yellow-orange-red is predominant and the visitor can stroll around or fly in a fractal blossom, listening to ambient music.

Ambient music will also be played during the celebration party for this sim-installation on 17th of April 2016 at 1pm SLT. Michael K. Iwoleit aka maikelkay in SL will give a live-concert on his synthesizers and the artist Asmita Duranjaya will accompany his music with painting particles above the temple of the one and only Oracle.