Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2021

Kuveni Kalakaruwa - Garden Of Sadness


1. What was your first association, when you heard about the topic "Reconnaissance In Times Of Darkness"?
The first association has been the covid-crisis with all its victims. I thought it would be nice to have a place to sit and meditate.

2. Reconnaissance is exploration conducted to gain information with observation, surveillance and knowledge. How did you 'explore' the darkness.
Reconnaissance in that sense had stopped and nobody was sure, when it would start again. So a good topic for reflection, whether it would be the same in a digitalised setting.

3 How long did the process of creation last for this exhibition?
One month

4. Which were the biggest obstacles?
Compared with Second Life the obstacles are less, because there is no upload fee for textures and you can experiment with texture more. My biggest obstacle was the scripts for the candle-flames in my installation.

5. What are the most important techniques, that you use for virtual art? How  did you use these to interpret the theme?
I learned how to create fractal textures from Asmita, who uses the software Incendia. To apply the textures I use sculpties and meshes, directly produced in Incendia and processed with the MS 3DBuilder+Meshlab.

6. What does it mean for you to create art in virtual worlds? Is it different from creating art in RL?
In RL I use the usual techniques, like watercolor, acrylic painting and textile art. But with virtual art you don't depend on colors or tools and that is a liberation in a certain way. I need in general art for my self-awareness.

7. What are your former experiences with art in virtual worlds? Have you taken part in themed  group collaborative projects? Or is your art usually more singular?
I have participated in Asmita's collaborative exhibition EcoScape and that was a great experience.

8. Which role does virtual art play in your country of origin according to your experiences?
Few people only see the capacities of virtual world for the arts.

9. In which way was the creating of art helpful for you in the covid-crisis?
It was very helpful; at least a constant medium for not becoming depressive and offer the chance to express yourself.

10. Which topic would be interesting to you as an artistic challenge in the future?
I will wait with what Asmita is coming up.

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