Montag, 26. April 2021

Reconnaissance In Times Of Darkness - Sub-Topics Of Each Artist

A pandemia is ruling the world in the moment and all of us suffer from that situation.
It evokes dark emotions of fear, hopelessness, isolation, sadness, grief, desperation, depression.
Is it possible in such a global crisis to learn and teach, to explore, to be creative?
What are the strategies to fight against all those negative physical and psychological impacts, which pull us down?

12 artists in Second Life and OSGrid try to give their answers in an artistic and creative way and to show their approach to the topic with their individual way of expression. They proof, that art and all cultural forms of expression can shed light on the darkness and enable mankind to use them as a strategy of orientation and processing of unexpected. It is helpful for themselves and for the visiting guests too, who can participate in the world of feelings and thoughts of the creators.

This blog provides from now every week informations about the topics of the artists, their actual bio as artists in virtual worlds and the landmark to their entrance-gate in the central landing-area. The gates can be accessed by just walking in and if they are off, then it can be done by clicking. Each art-installation has also a tp-pad, which leads back to the central landing area. All installations are immersive and some even interactive, so that you have to experience them at the place for a better understanding and appreciating.
The central landing spot is here: .

We are starting with Argentinian artist Victoria Logan. Her sub-topic is Mental Health In Pandemic Times and she explains her artwork as follows: The visual resources and expressive supports used in this montage represent the subjective resources that each person has to face situations. They will leave marks, they will be learnings, they will be traumas, they will be able to reinvent themselves and others will not. It is time for reconnaissance in times of pandemic, in times of darkness.
Used material: Digital programs: photoshop- fractalius- blender. meshmixer. Xaos.
Biography: Visual artist at Open Sim. Self-taught in different expressions of visual art. Related academic career in Humanities in RL.
x-grid-info://osgrid/region/interstellART_exhibitions/310/359/24 .

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