Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2021

Wankagiriya - Feelings Of Isolation And Distance

Another art-exhibition has been completed for the collaborative project "Reconnaissance In Times Of Darkness", which will be opened in OSGrid on 21st of March at 2pm SLT. Sujeewa Kumari, a well reputed Sri Lankan artist, shows drawings and paintings created during the Corona-crisis with the title "wankagiriya", feelings of distance and isolation. The paintings can be bought in real and the artist will give a special discount for visitors of the VWBPE-event, who decide there to buy one. Ask Asmita Duranjaya for details.

Sujeewa's work has been arranged by Asmita in cubes according to the wish of the artist and each cube is hollow and a visitor can sit inside and let him/her inspire by the artwork. It contains a chair with the specific texture, which can be taken as a freebie for 0L. 

The pictures are of a soft and sensitive beauty and are sold for a very reasonable price. Sri Lanka as an island was completely isolated during the last year of covid 19 and it was extremely difficult for artists to survive, because they live also from buyers and collectors, who come from outside the island. So each sold artwork is a help for the artists and their families. Two pictures are already sold.

"Wankagiriya" means something like maze. The maze is a symbol for the feelings in corona-times - we are in a trap and have to find the way out in a difficult terrain.



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