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Sneak Preview: "Reconnaissance In Times Of Darkness" in OSGrid


Wailing women surround a polluted water puddle. They are dressed like figures from an ancient Greek tragedy or like wailing women, who were hired to mourn during funerals in many cultures. Why do they mourn?
In the puddle we see the garbadge of civilization, bottles, plastic bags and paper, chemicals etc. and, when we look closer human bones. A pandemia? A crime? Suicide? Carelessness? An accident? A symbol for the status of mankind and humanity in a threatened world, on a tortured planet. Our values and convictions are emerging in times of darkness and reveal our true achievements.
Dark times can insofar be seen as an advantage: they help to achieve reconnaissance.
Art in its divers options of expression is an optimal medium to express the emotional part of darkness. The additional features of virtual worlds are the immersion and interactivity, which help to dive deeply into the context and process the traumata and threats of the dark sides of life. Art can help to become aware of all variants of negative impacts.
As its best it can wake up the power to resist and lay the seed for a better future.

10 artists have taken the opportunity to create huge installations related to the given topic. Here is a sneak preview of the ones, who are already or nearly finished and could be visited already. Landing spot is: x-grid-info://osgrid/region/interstellART_exhibitions/387/338/24, from where the gates to each artist are available.

Victoria Logan's (Argentine) focus is on "Mental Health In Pandemic Times" (Spanish and English):

The pandemia is also the focus of Tina Bey's (Argentine) installation "Pandemic Darkness":

The British artist Caro Fayray tries to shed "Light On The Darkness" on our planet:

French artist Claude Belgar shows in his minimalistic style the topic "Science In Dark Times" and goes back in history to Galileo Galilei:

Shenn Tao has created a mysterious orb with a dark power inside, an imagination of anti-matter and a "Dark Artistic Exploration":

Photo-artist Fuyuko Amano shows photos, taken in Cyber-Punk environments in Second Life and which show the function of "Darkness In Cyber-Punk":

"Threats To Freedom" is the topic of host and artist Asmita Duranjaya. Examples are the umbrella-movement in Hongkong and the general threat to cut down the freedom of media all over the world:

French artist lalie Sorbet focuses on the topic "Dark Shadows On Diversity" and shows brilliant macro-photos of endangered species:

Kuveni Kalakaruwa's "Garden Of Sadness" invites persons, who have lost a family member or a friend during the pandemia, for meditation by sitting down and lightening a candle for their beloved ones.

More topics related to "Reconnaissance In Times Of Darkness" will follow; the following artists are working on their installations:

iSkye Silverweb - Being Deaf In Times Of Darkness

Sujeewa Kumari - Feelings Of Isolation And Distance

We invite all interested hyper-travellers to visit the var-sim interstellART_exhibitions: .

Visiotrs, who have no open sim-avatar yet can register here, choose an avatar and login.

Look for the profile of Asmita Duranjaya and for VWBPE in the picks. There will be the tp to the welcome area. 

You need a 3rd party viewer for OS:


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